Why go Mobile

 1. Contact us

Call or send us your contact information by clicking get started. A PD House representative will call you within 24 hours to start design process and gather information about your business.

2. Marketing strategy

We want to learn all about your business and will help create the perfect strategy to reach your sales, loyalty or marketing objectives.

3. App demo

PD House will provide you a demo app to make sure we are on the right track with your needs.

4. Set up Fee ½ down payment

Provide payment of half the set up fee to start your app design.

5. Design your app

Depending on your requirements, we will carefully build and design your app to meet your specific business goals

6. App approval submission

After receiving the ok from you we will submit your app for approval to the mobile platforms of your choice. App approvals: Apple 14 days, Android 24 hours

7. App launch

After receiving approval it’s now time to build your mobile brand by marketing your app to new and current customers. We can help you design and print everything you need to promote your new app.


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