cropped-school_kids.jpgWhy have an App?

In the last decade, the world of business has changed. This is a result of the growth of social media, mobile, and other forms of communication, which has offered a number of business opportunities that were not available a few years ago. Some companies have stayed loyal to the traditional way of marketing, but the new trends in mobile has provided the opportunity to develop an approach that is more user-centric and forward-thinking. One of the new trends includes using a mobile app. Here are a few ways a mobile app can help your company:Benefits

Instantly communicate with Parents.
Push Notifications (*100% open rate)
Geo location.
Increased loyalty.
High return on investment.
Quick and secure access to information.
Newsletters that can be read everywhere.
School Grade and Progress reports
Learning Portal
Parents Business Directory

Benefits to Schools

Dramatically reduces use of paper
Notes are communicated quickly, securely and directly between Staff and Parents.
Frees up school staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions.
Engaging community in fundraising and School Store
Online orientation and marketing of school

Benefits to Parents

Provides easy way to know what is going on at the school.
Ensures parents receive notes.
Reminds parents about upcoming school events and shows
Online payment for school lunch and events.
Check homework

Benefits to Students

Check homework
Communicate with the teachers.
Review suggestions and comments from other students about assignments

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